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Avoid the high cost of poor quality testing

Poor quality product test data can damage your reputation, jeopardize your license, and lead to hefty unplanned costs.

Inaccurate Results can mean product recalls and retesting.
Trust In Testing iconInvest in your business, not lawyers.
Inflated Results can lead to litigation, penalties, or worse.
Trust In Testing iconGet it right the first time and every time.
Inconsistent Results can hurt customer loyalty and sales.
Trust In Testing iconProtect your brand and grow your revenue.


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Take the risk out of choosing the right testing partner.

SC Labs and ACT Lab created TRUST IN TESTING to set a higher standard for robust, accurate and reliable cannabis testing.

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TRUST IN TESTING-certified labs are guided by four principles that ensure robust, accurate, and reliable cannabis testing.

1. Compliance

Full Regulatory compliance.

Testing you can count on begins with continuing, uncompromising compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

We provide ongoing compliance training (because the regulations are always evolving), and we conduct regular audits of the testing processes, the results, and the information we provide to our clients—all to ensure full compliance at every step.

We have implemented comprehensive quality control and assurance systems to monitor our processes, audit our results, and address issues needing corrective action.

2. Transparency

Test results that are clear, complete, and actionable.

Our work is only as effective as our ability to communicate the results. Our Certificates of Analysis and reports are unambiguous and easy to understand.

We call attention to and explain all relevant limitations, bounds, sensitivities, and uncertainties in test restults.

We organize and present all test data and accompanying information in ways that make it easy to act on and re-use.

3. Leadership

The highest quality testing available anywhere.

Good enough is never good enough. Our analytical testing methods go beyond compliance to set the standard for industry best practices.

Our cannabis tests identify and measure, with the greatest accuracy possible using state of the art equipment, all the components that must be measured by law and all components that are important to our partners.

We exercise rigorous control over the equipment, human, and regulatory variables in the testing process to ensure exceptional reliability.

We survey our customers, the competitive market, and the testing sciences community continuously for ways to extend our leadership.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration with partners and regulators to enhance product, patient, and consumer safety.

As the first movers in cannabis testing with decades of experience, we are thought leaders and trusted partners to regulatory agencies across the country.

State regulators turn to us for input as they evolve the regulations that govern cannabis testing practices and procedures, protect testing process integrity, and enhance product, patient, and consumer safety.

We engage with our partners and clients continuously, assisting with new product development, polling for opportunities to improve, and working to resolve test-related issues quickly and effectively.


As a TRUST IN TESTING partner, you have the right to use our mark of excellence on your packaging to give your customers confidence and help drive preference for your products.

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